Mumma's who inspire. A trip to remote Lisbon, Spain

In need of a little visual escape to a far away destination? With travel out of action for the minute let me introduce you to Natalia Horinkova an incredibly accomplished and talented photographer and mumma who has travels to over 45 countries, biked through Malawi raising money for nurses and hospitals, and was sponsored by Olympus Australia to capture her travel/nature photography. 

What struck my attention in Nat was actually her way of living and the laid back, connected and gentle way of being she has about her,  Nat and her little growing family now reside in the country side outside of Lisbon in the most quaint Windmill home, they spend their days slow at the remote wild beaches that surround the country side of their home, they practise daily yoga together, take time for one another and seek out the simpler things, a far comparison to the once on the go busy life Nat once lived. 

On a trip to Portugal Nat fell in love, with the people, food and most importanly her little girls dad. Nat says there was a point when she found out she was pregnant that there was fear of sacrifice, having to give up the travel that she loved so much, scared as she felt travel and photography was what fuel her but after having Ameila says nothing else mattered and all those fears feel away. With the changes motherhood brings Nat found her desire for a creative outlet did not burn and she began making some incredible felt toys for Amelia to play with, she sells some online @growslow.studios, Life for this little family are much slower these days but this is the magic of motherhood, it forcers your to slow down, look inwards and seek value in the small things.

Nat worked hard to pave her way into freelance photography juggling multiple side jobs to get enough money to fund her next trip but she always found away and from one chance trip a new opportunity would reveal itself and propel her onto the next incredible destination and exhibition showing.  Nat was always a planner but with motherhood her perspective has changed these days instead of planning she prefers to take the approach of keeping her eyes open to opporuitny and says all happens for a reason to stop pushing on things she can't have and instead try to make it all work. To live, and let life bring you what you need.

Below I have shared some of the beautiful images Nat has captured in her travels, her life in remote Spain, living slow with her sweet family in their dreamy little windmill home 

You can check out the rest of her photography work at http://nataliahorinkova.com 

When dreams come true and you get to live in your dream home

These friendly turkeys go for their walk every day and Amelia loves to chat to them

Spa day at the windmill house

Felt toys from Grow slow studio







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